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Tag: Andy Pitman

Formation of the ACCESS oversight committee

This release is to advise the community that an ACCESS Oversight Committee has been formed initially comprising Christian Jakob, Rachel Law, Helen Cleugh, Andy Pitman, Tony Hirst, Peter May, David Karoly and Ben Evans. Terms of reference have been agreed to by the group and can be found at the end of this document.

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Director’s report – August 2019

The Centre has had a busy four months with its researchers having an impact nationally and internationally. The Centre has achieved some foundation and enabling research around the delivery of data, and a series of new research discoveries, that will play an important role in climate extremes research for some years. And Centre researchers are once again the winners of some major awards.

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UNSW 06: Spatially correlated extreme events in Australia over the past 30-40 years

This student project will focus on spatially correlated events in Australia that occurred in the past 30 to 40 years. Using observations over this time period the student will catalogue past compound events; assess possible trends in their occurrence; check for preferred spatial correlation patterns; and assess if these were accurately reproduced in reanalysis products (e.g. BARRA, ERA-5 and/or ERA-Interim).

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Postdoc, Research Associate: Droughts and eucalyptus trees

The Postdoctoral Research Associate will work on a new ARC-funded project exploring how vulnerable Australia’s eucalypts are to future droughts. This project will combine data-synthesis, experimental manipulation and modelling to deliver new process-orientated insight into the response of eucalyptus trees to projected changes in the frequency, magnitude and duration of future droughts across Australia.

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Research brief: Misclassification in climate models of land cover over East Asia has little impact on results

New CLEX research finds land cover misclassifications over South East Asia based on remote sensing products have negligible impact on the outcomes of climate model experiments. However, land cover experiments that incorporate uncertainties must use large numbers of simulations to get robust results for rainfall and air temperature.

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