CLEX, the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes

The Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes (CLEX) is an international research consortium of five Australian universities and a network of outstanding national and international partner organizations supported by the Australian Research Council.

Climate extremes are the confluence of high impact weather and climate variability. The Centre will improve our understanding of the processes that trigger or enhance extremes and build this understanding into our modelling systems. The improved predictions of climate extremes will help Australia cope with extremes now and in the future.

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CLEX Seminar Series: Charmaine Franklin Charmaine Franklin from the Bureau of Meteorology presents Urban fine-scale weather modelling to support improved prediction.

Research brief: Ekman Streamfunction a strong indicator of overturning circulation strength & variability

Picture: Beneath the waves. Credit: Emiliano Arano (Pexels) The global ocean overturning circulation is the planetary-scale movement of waters in the vertical and north-south...

Research brief: New comprehensive review of Indian Ocean systems and interactions

Picture: View to the Indian Ocean. Credit: Asad Photos Maldives (Pexels) Over the past decade, our understanding of the Indian Ocean has advanced through concerted efforts toward...

Research brief: The path to a sustainable future using marine-based mitigation measures

Picture: Sunrise near Black Rocks. Credit: NOAA (Unsplash). The world is undergoing a period of unprecedented warming. A critical decade now lies ahead to adapt human and natural...

Research briefs

Research brief: Southern Ocean vortices are changing

Picture above: Inside a wave by Joshua Dewey (Unsplash). It is well accepted that climate change results in the intensification of the winds, in particular of those blowing over...

Research brief: Cold air below thunderstorms affects storm orientation

Picture: Storm cloud out to sea. Credit: Daniel Bernard Unsplash Over tropical oceans, individual thunderstorms often cluster together into a collection of thunderstorms. The way...

How climate models work

CLEX Chief Investigator Prof Christian Jakob at a recent Monash University STEM talk takes his audience ​into the world of climate models. It's a talk that...

Research brief: Climate models under-represent tropical heating variations

We know that enormous amounts of heat are released in tropical thunderstorm clouds and that this heating plays an important role in maintaining global circulation patterns. But...

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