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Author: Alvin Stone

CMS report – April 2020

CMS with the Bureau of Meteorology has set up at atmospheric simulation down to 400m over Australia. Meanwhile porting to Gadi continues and training has changed to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

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RP3: Drought Program Report – AprIl 2020

The drought may have finally eased over much of Australia, but it has resulted in a range of research that still continues. This research has opened new insights into how we understand the lifecycle of droughts in Australia. At the same time, continuing analyses of Australian models has produced aided improved configurations and even led to a new modelling framework for urban centres.

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RP1: Extreme Rainfall – April 2020

The heatwaves and cold air outbreaks team took on some key observational challenges for precipitation research and then used some of this data to test our models. There was also a raft of individual achievements to add a little light in this difficult time.

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