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Category: RP4 Ocean extremes

Antarctic climate variations found to originate north of Australia

CLEX researchers have overturned a scientific paradigm that has existed for 50 years. New research published in Nature Geoscience shows the massive convection caused by the ocean just north of Australia, causes a chain reaction that is strong enough to put an almost permanent dent in the powerful winds that circle the Antarctic.

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Research brief: Warmer oceans amplify LENGTH AND FREQUENCY of coastal marine heatwaves

CLEX researchers found coastal marine heatwave hotspots were concentrated along the Mediterranean Sea, Japan Sea, south‐eastern Australia and the north‐eastern coast of the United States. They also found the frequency of these events and their duration globally increased by 1–2 events per decade and 5–20 days per decade. Most of the marine heatwave hotspots identified were associated with high upward trends.

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