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CLEX Newsletter - August 2019 | CLEX

Director’s report – August 2019

The Centre has had a busy four months with its researchers having an impact nationally and internationally. The Centre has achieved some foundation and enabling research around the delivery of data, and a series of new research discoveries, that will play an important role in climate extremes research for some years. And Centre researchers are once again the winners of some major awards.

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Chief Operating Officer’s report – August 2019

Stephen Gray congratulates the organisers and admin staff for another excellence winter school; acknowledges the success of the hump day tips; and highlights some new features on our Clever database that include a suggestion box, a mailing list tab and a report to help anyone in the Centre review their previously entered data.

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CMS report – August 2019

In this report CMS describes the preparations that are underway for the new NCI supercomputer Gadi; the conversion of forcing data from the GMTB single column model to be readable by WRF; and the release of the ERA5-Land dataset.

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Knowledge Brokerage Team report – August 2019

The CLEX Knowledge Brokerage Team (KBT) is now well and truly bedded down after coming into existence in October 2018. Team leader Ian Macadam has visited each of the CLEX university nodes and has attempted to answer the question on everyone’s lips “So what is a knowledge broker anyway?”.

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Media communications report – August 2018

The past four months have seen a lot of activity around workshops, the continuing submission of research briefs (which allows us to post about the research on social media), plenty of classic traditional media activity and a new social media account.

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RP2 Heatwaves and cold air outbreaks report – August 2019

Extreme weather conditions and a changing climate are often recognised by their immediate effects. But as research coming out of the Heatwaves and Cold Air Outbreaks program has shown over the past four months, these events are often generated by distant influences and when they occur have further impact beyond their immediate vicinity.

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RP3 Drought report – August 2019

As this newsletter goes to press, Bureau of Meteorology rainfall records show most of NSW and substantial parts of south-west Queensland remain in drought. Beyond the immediate agricultural, hydrologic and ecologic impacts, many small rural towns are starting to run out of water.

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