Date: June 22-26, 2020.
Location: University of Tasmania
Applications are now closed.

We regret to inform that our 2020 winter has been postponed due to the developing COVID-19 situation. This ocean and atmosphere dynamics winter school will run once the virus is under control, watch this space for further details or contact the Centre’s Graduate Director Melissa Hart ( if you have any questions.

The ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes will host its annual graduate level winter school June 22-26, 2020 at the University of Tasmania. The theme of the Winter School is Atmosphere and Ocean Dynamics

This is a high-level education program for honours and graduate students interested in climate science. It will be of considerable relevance to those working in the atmospheric and ocean sciences, and also those in land related disciplines with interest in the planetary boundary layer and land-atmosphere feedbacks. The winter school will consist of a series of lectures and lab sessions delivered by researchers from our Centre of Excellence universities and partner organisations.
There is an expectation that students undertaking this winter school will be well-versed in the mathematics underpinning fluid dynamics, including partial differential equations and vector calculus. You will be asked to provide details of your academic background during the application process. We have provided a primer document and four primer videos to ensure that participants have sufficient background knowledge of fluid mechanics. In general, lecturers will assume that students have familiarity with the equations and concepts described within this material. Please read the primer and watch the videos to ensure you meet these prerequisites before submitting an application 

Some funding is available to support attendance. Priority will be given to honours and graduate students working on climate science problems.

 Applications are now closed.

Primer materials

Lecture 3:
Conservation of Momentum

Lecture 1:
Conservation of Mass

Lecture 4:
Lecture 2:
Advection-Diffusion Equation

Workshop schedule

Lesson materials

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