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Pete Strutton attends AST-20

The 20th Argo Steering Team meeting (AST-20) was hosted by the Second Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, in Hangzhou, China, the week of March 11-15. Argo is the international program to maintain at least 3000 profiling floats throughout the global ocean.

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Briefing Note 004: Future weather and climate extreme events

Weather and climate extremes occur on a wide range of time and space scales. Weather extremes occur on shorter timescales and are regionally or locally specific while climate extremes tend to be on longer timescales and can impact a region through to the whole globe. This note provides a statement on what we know about how weather and climate extremes might change in the future.

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Briefing note 003: Why are we uncertain about how extremely wet conditions will change in Australia in the future?

Computer models used to simulate global climate agree the climate will warm in response to increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases. However, a recent paper by Bador et al. (2018)1 includes results that highlight our uncertainty about exactly how extremely wet conditions will change in Australia. Further development of Australia’s national climate model, ACCESS, may help reduce this uncertainty.

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